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7-90-710. Listing of entities represented by commercial registered agents.

Statute text

[Editor's note: This section is effective ninety days following certification by the secretary of state. (See the editor's note following this section.)] The secretary of state shall make available upon request a list of filings made during the previous month that contain the name of a commercial registered agent. The secretary of state may assess a fee for the requested lists.


Source: L. 2012: Entire section added, (SB 12-123), ch. 171, p. 614, 6, effective (see editor's note).


Editor's note: Section 10 of chapter 171, Session Laws of Colorado 2012, provides that the act adding this section is effective ninety days following certification in writing by the secretary of state to the revisor of statutes that the secretary of state has implemented the necessary computer system changes to implement this section. As of publication date, the revisor of statutes had not received certification from the secretary of state.